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If this is NOT your correct sponsor then do NOT join MXM yet. First get the CORRECT WEBSITE URL of your MXM sponsor, then click on that link and ensure your sponsor's details appear here. If they still do not appear, then clear the browser history from your computer or use another computer or use another web browser.

Corporate Policy: If a person joins MXM under an incorrect sponsor this is the fault of the joining member and is FINAL as accounts are placed in the matrixes and commissions allocated instantly upon joining. Incorrect sponsorship cannot be changed without the member rejoining MXM under their correct sponsor and repaying their USD20 fee.


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Sun Feb 14 01:09:47 2016 EST
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February 14, 2016   Global MXR Members:   Happy Valentine Day!   As my gift to you on this special day, I am returning the daily share to 2.5% FIXED from today.   As long as you the members support my YEAR 2020 VISION to have one million members worldwide by the year ... 
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Top Member Cycles With MX9 Again And Earns USD9000 Again
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Pre-Launch of MX Revenue Sharing
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We have multiple MX online home business programs all with their own websites and "News" webpages: MX20 | MXF | MX1 | MX3 | MX7 | MX9 | MX500 | MXM and the newest MXRevShare business with full global launch on November 1st 2015.   Instead of posting the latest news multiple times, we just ... 


Roger Wolf :
Und wieder kam eine Zahlung auf mei...
" So sollte es doch sein. Du schaust in dein E-Mail-Konto und siehst eine Benachrichtigung, dass Du eine Auszahlung von MXM bekommen hast. Das ist mir in den letzten zwei Wochen des öfteren Geschehen. Mein Konto wuchs bis heute auf 232 $. W... "