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MXM Terms & Conditions

>> MXM Terms & Conditions <<

The MXM Policies & Procedures, Earnings Disclaimer, Spam Policy and Privacy Policy are specifically incorporated herein by reference. They, along with these Terms & Conditions, form the Agreement between: MXM and the Member.

1.01 MXM:

MXM is the exclusive retailer of the personal success product ‘POWERIZER’ for personal and financial and network marketing empowerment. The information contained within this learning center and its materials is strictly for personal growth and coaching and educational purposes. Therefore, if anyone wishes to apply any of the strategies and principles to their own life, they are taking full responsibility for their own actions and results.

The creators of the product of MXM disclaim all warranties, express or implied, for any particular purposes and shall in no event be held liable to any party for any direct or indirect damages, consequential or inconsequential, arising directly or indirectly from any use of the
MXM program and its resources.

The creators of the product of
MXM do not guarantee the effectiveness or authenticity of any websites linked to the MXM program. All links are for informational and educational purposes only and are not warranted for content, accuracy or any other implied or explicit purpose.


All Members of
MXM upon activation of their membership are given a ‘USD BUSINESS CENTER’ which allows them the opportunity in the form of a home business to earn income from the marketing of the MXM product to other people.

The creators of
MXM do not purport this as a get rich scheme in any manner. The level of success of any individual in attaining the results claimed in any marketing materials depends on the time they devote to learning the business and their application of the strategies and principles. Since these factors differ according to individuals, no one Member’s success or income level can be guaranteed.

Every effort has been made to accurately represent the home business of
MXM and its income potential. However, even though high earnings are possible, there is no guarantee that anyone will earn any money in this program. Examples in any MXM websites or marketing materials are not to be interpreted as a promise of earnings. Income potential is entirely dependent on the person using the strategies and principles.


Commissions are paid automatically by the
MXM proprietary software on an instantaneous basis --- meaning that as soon as a commission is earned it is allocated to the account of the respective earning Member, who may then immediately claim it from his or her MXM back office.


MXM uses PAYZA and SOLIDTRUSTPAY and OKPAY as our primary payment portal providers of choice.

MXM may change the payment portal providers of choice or elect to use various other payment portal methods at its discretion for receiving funds for the monthly Memberships and for sending funds for the commissions. Notice via email and also posted in the News area will be given to the Members of any changes regarding the status of any payment portals and payment methods.

Members of
MXM are required to set up either PAYZA or SOLIDTRUSTPAY or OKPAY accounts for paying their joining fees and for receiving commissions.

PAYZA and SOLIDTRUSTPAY and OKPAY accounts are free to set up.

Transaction fees for paying the joining fees will be absorbed by
MXM. Transaction fees for receiving any commissions from MXM will be absorbed by the Member receiving the commissions.

Payment Processor Disclaimer:
MXM Corporate and PAYZA and SOLIDTRUSTPAY and OKPAY are separate independent entities. Any funds in a Member’s PAYZA or SOLIDTRUSTPAY or OKPAY account are the full responsibility of the Member and PAYZA or SOLIDTRUSTPAY or OKPAY. They are in no way the responsibility of MXM Corporate in any manner.


MXM charges US$20 per month to be a member of MXM and have continuing access to the product.

MXM has no admin fees and no hidden fees and no charges above the US$20 per month membership fee.


MXM offers a ZERO REFUNDS POLICY to all Members. This is foremost because new Member positions are allocated instantaneously and commissions on all MXM joining fees are paid instantly as soon as the monthly payment is received. Therefore, as the MXM systems are fully automated and irrevocable, no refunds shall be made.

To repeat:
MXM offers no refunds. So please do not join MXM if this zero refunds policy is not agreeable to you or if the sum of US$20 per month will place you under any form of financial distress or is beyond your fiscal means at this time.


MXM also has a ZERO CHARGE-BACKS POLICY on all credit card transactions. So if you decide to join MXM using a credit card, please understand that this is a final and irrevocable transaction. This means that even if you choose to dispute your US$20 payments with your credit card company, your dispute will fail. This is because during the joining process, you will be required to waive your charge-back rights by way of agreeing to the Terms and Conditions policy of MXM.


Bottom line: If you are in any way unsure about paying the US$20 monthly fee, please walk away at this time. The founders of MXM are aiming for this program to be here for the long haul, so you may always come back and check out this opportunity at a later date once your financial situation has already improved.



MXM and its systems will never deliberately cancel a Member’s status. All Memberships are for the life of the MXM business.

However, a Member may voluntarily terminate his or her Member status by sending written notice of such resignation or termination to MXM Corporate. Voluntary resignation is effective upon receipt of such notice by MXM Corporate.



One-Position-Per-Member Corporate Policy: Though this is difficult to monitor for
MXM Admin, it is highly discouraged by MXM for any one person to have more than one Membership position within the MXM program. The reasons are thus: One Membership within MXM provides the Member with full access to the ‘MEMBERS AREA’ resource center, it allows for access to the POWERIZER series and it allows the Member total freedom to conduct the home business opportunity of MXM. There is absolutely zero ethical reason for any one person to have more than one Membership position within the MXM program. Any Member found deliberately flaunting this corporate policy will be terminated forthwith from MXM and all Membership privileges shall be immediately revoked. If any Member knows they have accidentally or deliberately flaunted this rule, please send an email to MXM Admin and a compromise win-win solution shall be sought whereby the Member can still retain ownership of their main Membership position but rights to their subsequent positions shall be forfeited.

Transfer-Of-Sponsorship-Position Corporate Policy: It is neither legal nor ethical for
MXM to transfer any particular Member’s position to another position within the MXM database. This means that once any particular Member joins MXM under any certain sponsor, this is the final fixed position of that Member. The programming systems of MXM are highly sophisticated and work in real-time and do not allow for transfer of Membership positions or transfer of sponsors. However, there is one exception to this corporate policy. If the misplacement of position or sponsor can be proven to be attributed to online interference from banners or cookies or spyware or any other miscellaneous digital devices that proliferate on the internet, MXM will consent to look at individual cases. If these individual cases are also further supported by requests in writing expressing the desire of both the Member and the new sponsor to the new change of position, MXM may grant in favor of this change of position and sponsor. SOLUTION: When sponsoring a new Member into MXM ensure the prospect knows your “username” and confirms that your “username” is the one on the sign-up page at the time the prospect joins MXM. This correct “username” is used by default in the software of MXM but old information from banners or cookies or spyware or any other miscellaneous digital devices that proliferate on the internet may cause the occasional error of placement. But be assured this is rare indeed.

Cancelled ‘Earners’ Corporate Policy: This concerns any cancelled Members that have earned commissions or bonuses before their cancellation. Members have easy 24-7 access to their genealogy reports online via the ‘MEMBERS AREA’ link. Therefore, if any Member wishes to cancel their
MXM Membership, they may do so. But their rights to any earnings that may have resulted will be forfeited. Solution: Check your genealogy online before you cancel. If you can see that you have earned income, do not cancel your Membership. Easy!

MXM Admin Accessibility: The staff of MXM Admin are online for many hours every day. If you have any questions whatsoever concerning your Membership --- and the answers to your questions or concerns are not listed within the extensive ‘QUESTIONS’ or ‘POLICIES’ webpages of your MXM website --- please send an email to MXM Admin and one of our staff will respond to your email usually within 24-48 hours.

Contact Information: It is the responsibility of Members to keep their personal records up to date within the ‘MEMBERS AREA’ resource center.
MXM will not be responsible for communication error due to incorrect or out of date contact information. This also applies to emails bounced back or sent to junk mail filters.

Copyright: The
MXM program and materials are copyrighted by James Lee Valentine, the founder of MXM. Therefore, unless covered by a separate agreement entered into and signed by James Lee Valentine, no parts of this program and materials may be changed in any format, sold independently, or used in any way other than what is outlined within the MXM program and materials. All branding, logos and graphics contained within MXM websites and materials are copyrighted. Distribution or copying of such content is expressly prohibited unless the content says otherwise.

Trademarks: These names are all trademarked by James Lee Valentine and are synonymous with the
MXM program: MillionaireX, MXM, FAST MONEY, MX,  Millionizer, Empowered Millionaire, Powerizer, Power Networking Modules, Power Library. Their use by any Member of MXM is strictly limited to the MXM program.

MXM Time Zone: MXM operates on the Eastern Standard Time zone (EST).

Damaging Intent: Any Member engaging in chat, email, postings, or any other medium that is deemed damaging to
MXM or its Members, will be terminated from MXM. Depending on the seriousness of any particular instance, MXM may deem it appropriate to exercise legal action.

Spam: All forms of spamming are strictly prohibited with the
MXM program. This enforcement is for the benefit of all Members. Members proven to be participating in such activities will have their Memberships cancelled and any Membership privileges revoked.

Independent Entities: No joint venture, agency, partnership or employment agreement exists between any Member and
MXM. Both parties are considered independent entities, which are separate and distinct from each other at all times.

Claims: Any Member cannot bind
MXM to any obligation, and that Member shall indemnify, defend and hold MXM from and against any and all claims, demands, cost and expenses arising out of the Member’s activities in relation to the implementation of the program or home business of MXM.

Tax: Individual Members are responsible for any and all taxes payable in their particular resident domicile or jurisdiction for any income received either from
MXM or any programs promoted via MXM.

Transfer or Inheritance Corporate Policy: Ownership of Memberships to
MXM are fully transferrable from party to party and are also inheritable by the heirs of the deceased Member. Notification in writing to MXM Corporate Admin must accompany any such requests for transfer or inheritance.

Junk Mail Filters: Members are advised to allow all emails to be received from these
MXM domains: and

Private Information: Any information collected is solely for the use of
MXM and will not be sold or used unlawfully. MXM will never provide personal information about its Members to third parties without the consent of the Member, unless required by law.

Dispute Resolution: Members involved in any disputes either with
MXM or other Members shall make efforts in good faith to resolve disputes quickly and fairly, though neither party should be required to waive the protections afforded under applicable laws.

Due Diligence: It is understood that any Member undertakes the duty to exercise reasonable diligence in investigating and evaluating the
MXM program.

Legal Advice: As always, when pursuing any new venture, the advice of a competent legal or accounting professional should be sought.

Amendments: It is the right of
MXM to amend any parts of its program without prior notice. Though any amendments will be posted in the ‘MEMBERS AREA’ area of the website for any Member to view.

Updates: It is the right of
MXM to amend any provisions of this agreement without prior notice. Though any amendments will be posted in the latest ‘Terms and Conditions’ link on the website for any Member to view.

MXM requires that all Members obey the letter and the spirit of the law.

Rights Reserved: All rights are reserved by
MXM and James Lee Valentine.


1) You have no interest in furthering your own personal success.
2) You have no access to an internet enabled computer or mobile device.
3) You lack basic computer knowledge or lack the willingness to learn.
4) Purchasing the product at US$20 each month would cause you financial hardship.
5) You do not agree with the ‘ZERO REFUNDS POLICY’ of MXM.
6) You do not agree with the ‘ZERO CHARGE-BACKS POLICY’ of MXM.


MillionaireX7 Global Incorporated
Mill Mall Tower, 2nd Floor
Wickhams Cay 1
Road Town
British Virgin Islands 1110
Note: This policy document along with all policy documents within our website must be reviewed and approved prior to use for your particular purpose. No statement of legality or compliance with any regulatory agencies is made in providing you with this document.

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